SMAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: Why CD Key and Serial Number is required?
Ans: To register your licensed version of “SMAP” you are required to enter these numbers. Other wise you will be able to run “Demo Version” only (for limited time).
Q: What is the download procedure?
Ans: Click the provided file links one by one, a download dialogue will open; choose option 'Save to Disk'. Save the file to any convenient folder on your computer. Download all the files in the same folder.
Q: What is the installation procedure?
Ans: Double click on the filename you have downloaded or run it to extract the zipped files in a convenient folder on your computer. Once unzip is complete for all the files, run the extracted file named "Setup.Exe" from folder Disk1. This is a windows setup file and it will copy all the necessary files on your computer.
Q: Why the download files are provided in breakups?
Ans: This is to facilitate download. It will be difficult to download a large file at one go.
Q: What is the default User name and Password to run the “Demo Data Company” or my own Company first time?
Ans: User Name: “Admin”
Password: No Password (Blank Password)
Q: What should I do if I were unable to run or view reports?
Ans: After installation if SMAP does not run or reports do not display on the screen, Run “Wjet” file from Win32 folder.
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