Banks on board with SMEDA on SMEDA Accounting Package SMAP are:
One of the primary objectives of SMAP is to provide networking support to SMEs, SPs and TSPs to gain access to Banks. In addition, Banks also require greater access to potential SMEs with credit requirements.

SMAP Network facilitates SMEs with software and services required for adopting cost effective book keeping systems, in effect making them more bankable!

Participation of the Pakistani Banking sector, as one of the key stakeholders in SMAP not only ensures improved SME access to finance but also the Banks' and Banking products' marketability to SMEs.
Key areas of understanding for collaboration with banks are:
SMAP software training for banking staff: Training and orientation of nominated staff of Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), on usage of SMAP software. SMAP training sessions will be conducted for group of representatives from all PFIs
Collaboration in marketing and awareness of SMAP through participation in launch ceremony, conducting joint seminars and workshops for service providers, etc
Access to database of well documented SMEs through SPN
Access to SPN services for current and potential SME clients of banks
Banks' access to SPN services for client identification and evaluation
Evaluation of SMEs through SMEDA supported SPN with support of key organizations like Pakistan Banking Association (PBA)
Information dissemination and marketing of banking products
  SMEDA Accounting Package